Fantastic planting mixtures, compost, mulch, etc., at super prices. It's well-worth a drive in the pickup to get such good materials that are also earth friendly. Plus the staff members are nice and know what they are doing. We're heading back out there for another load.

Ronni C.

I have to 100% disagree with the previous review. As a contractor, I want consistency. The previous owners were arbitrary, charging different amounts and refusing loads seemingly depending on mood. I no longer have to worry or over charge my customers for disposal as every time I've been here this season the price has been the same. Not to mention the new gate staff is not grumpy! A good resource got tremendously better with professional ownership.

Darryl B.

Great Price for Mulch! Great Service as well.

Mike A.

Best and most knowledgeable composting company in Colorado!

Eric K.

I just paid $25 to leave a large pickup load of tree branches. The landfill wanted $72 for the same load. This place is a bargain! The ladies at the gate were courteous and helpful.

Dan D.


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