Analytical information is provided for review on our compost and soil products. Click on any of the products below for the latest analytical information in PDF format.

Also, the following resources about analytical information may be helpful as you look at the different results of these tests:

Lab Analysis Interpretations
STA Test Parameters
Nutrients - What Plants Need and Why


Class I
A USCC STA compost with a proven track record of performance. Produced utilizing a combination of several feedstocks, including brewer's yeast, wood wastes of various types, biosolids, and at times, treatment plant residuals. Meets EPA 40 CFR 503-13 requirements for unrestricted use and distribution. BioComp® is the compost of choice.


Class I
An excellent compost, produced using feedstocks of primarily limb waste, food waste, leaves, grass, and beer. This fine textured product is low in salts and contains some woody particles.

Premium 3 Contractor

Class II
One of A1 Organics' flagship composts, produced from organic rich dairy manure and bedding materials.

Premium 3 Horticulture

Class II
A1 flagship compost. Produced from organic rich dairy manure and bedding materials. Cured and screened, this is a clean compost offering highest finished product consistency.


Class II
This fine-textured material, which has been refined using a 1/4" screening process, is excellent for top dressing applications.